Q 1: What is the point of downloading, installing the SEO plugin and putting the code on my site?
Q 2: What does the SEO plug-in exactly do?
Q 3: Is the SEO plug-in safe to put on the site?
Q 4: How long before our clients see results ?
Q 5: Is new content created for our clients websites?
Q 6: What are our times of operation?
Q 7: Which SEO methods do we use ?
Q 8: When do we send ranking reports to our clients?
Q 9: What kind of linking techniques do we use?
Q 10: Are there any contracts on our plans?
Q 11: What is the content fee?


Q 1: What is the point of downloading, installing the plugin and putting the code on my site?

The system performs many real-time functions and needs direct access and communication with your website. For example:

All of the additional content pages and links generated by the system are controlled from a personal dashboard. In order to automatically make changes and submit real-time updates seamlessly requires real-time access to your site. The plugin or the code placed at the bottom of you index page enables this to happen.

Q 2: what does the plug-in exactly do?

The plugin creates access to 4 new folders added to your site:
• Website Reference
• Business Collective
• Business Log
• Sitemap

The plugin acts as a “Bridge” between our system and your website.
• Dashboard inputs are directly updated to your website
• Relevant inbound linking is made possible
• New content pages are dynamically created by keyword and are connected to your site
• Blog posts can be made from your dashboard and updated on your site with having to install a database or installing WordPress
• A published XML sitemap is dynamically updated anytime a change is made on your website and pings the search engines to update

Q 3: Is it safe to put on the site?

Yes. Remember the plugin only performs two primary functions:
• Designates new folders on your website
• Acts as a communications bridge